A Christmas Wedding

Snowy Wedding



Harley Walls and Sheryl Orman of Pontotoc Mississippi were married in the Concord Wedding Chapel on Christmas day.  They wanted a unique experience and traveled to Eureka Springs to find it snowing on Christmas day the first time in many years.  They had a movie made of the ceremony to take to Cheryl’s grandmother who was unable to travel to the wedding.  Someone asked why anyone would want to be married on Christmas Day.  An answer suggested was that it was probably the Groom’s decision because he would find it easy to remember their anniversary.


The opening of the CONCORD SCHOOL as a wedding Chappell was celebrated April 8, 2006. Former students and friends of Concord Schoolhouse were invited to attend activities celebrating the restoration of the building built in 1886. It was originally built on the George Washington Master’s farm on Rockhouse Road at Keels Creek. In 2003, it was moved to the former Milton Masters farm on Rocky Top Road (CR 309) by the Masters family and Lola Weems to make room for a new fire station at Keels Creek.


Ribbon Cutting sponsored by the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce; Portrayal of Alice Gentry, a former schoolteacher, by professional actress, Sondra Torchia; stories of previous events in the one-room schoolhouse; singing songs that were sung in the classroom; reviewing pictures; enjoying snacks and fellowship; having pictures made sitting at desks used 100 years ago and in farm wagon like newlyweds used for honeymoon trips.


Wells McCall whose father and mother both taught at Concord said he believed the schoolhouse was built by friends and neighbors working together. 


An Historical Note:

George Washington Masters was a Circuit Rider Preacher for the United Brehren Church and named his 13th child Milton Wright Masters for his Bishop Milton Wright.  Milton Wright Masters was a 7th son in his family, as was his father George Washington. Milton had 7 sons and named his 7th son Robert Lee.  Bishop Milton Right was the father of Wilbur and Orville Wright.


The Concord Schoolhouse has been put on the National Register of Historical Sites due to the research and support of June Westphall and the workers at the Carroll County Historical Society.